Despite coming off his best fantasy season as a pro, a trade to the Browns has left Jarvis 兰德里’s fantasy value for dead. 兰德里 has an impressive history of production and I’m here to explain why he’s a value in the 5th round.

兰德里’s Career

兰德里 fell to the 2nd round (63rd overall) in the 2014 美国橄榄球联盟 draft. As a rookie, 兰德里 was third on the depth chart behind Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline. But they couldn’t hold 兰德里 back as he finished as WR30 as a rookie.

Over the next three years, 兰德里 continued his dominance, finishing as WR8 in 2015, WR13 in 2016, and WR5 last season. His three-year averages are posted below.

年龄 G gt 记录 ds 道明
平均 16152.7105.31093.35.7

In addition to his fantastic three-year average, 兰德里 is the 美国橄榄球联盟’一位球员的全职领队’s first four seasons – with a commanding 58 reception lead over former leader Anquan Boldin. 兰德里’s incredible production has led to league-winning results. In fact, 兰德里 helped carry my 专家作家联盟 优秀团队 埃文·席尔瓦(Evan Silva) . 兰德里 was my WR1 for most of the season and 我在第四轮选出了他.

与年龄无关 the 25-year-old 兰德里 is in the peak of his prime.


A smaller receiver who relies on short-area quicks to win in the slot, 兰德里 has consistently been underrated. He’s not the sexy outside receiver that new teammate Josh Gordon is, but he’s proven himself as a force in the 美国橄榄球联盟.

Underwhelming quarterbacks Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler, and even Matt Moore have been unable to hold back 兰德里 in PPR格式,例如Apex . 兰德里 will now experience improved quarterback play with some combination of Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield. 兰德里 himself recently confirmed, “四分卫的比赛是如此重要…比我在迈阿密的要好得多。

On a new team, it’s obviously hard to determine how many targets 兰德里 will receive but he will surely be a staple in this offense. Considering 兰德里 is 5th in the 美国橄榄球联盟 in targets over the past three seasons,我希望他能在本赛季的目标中领先布朗队。


罗托·维兹’s 相似搜索  finds the most similar players based on the variables selected. Here are Jarvis 兰德里’在他职业生涯的前四年中是最相似的球员。

相似度搜索显示一些非常好的玩家– many of whom are being selected before 兰德里. If it wasn’t proven by his historical production, this list proves that 兰德里 maintains WR1 upside.


兰德里’s change of scenery is having too much of an impact on his price. 兰德里 has been one of the league’s most productive receivers since entering the league. Don’t make this mistake again: 兰德里 is a baller, and ballers ball. Make the easy 5th round selection and take 兰德里.